8th Grade Health – Course Outline
Mrs. Shay – Room 540


I. Anatomy and Physiology
a. Skeletal/muscular system
b. Cardiopulmonary system
c. Digestive systemII. Nutrition
a. Nutrients
b. Calories
c. Labels
d. Obesity
e. Eating disorders
i. Anorexia
ii. Bulimia
f. Weight management
(fitness, food selection, guidelines)
g. Consumer health
(fad diets, advertising, etc.)

III. Growth and Development
a. Endocrine System
b. Puberty and adolescence
c. Reproductive System
d. Pregnancy
i. Stages of development
e. Immune System and Disease
ii. STD’s
f. Abstinence
i. Decision Making
ii. Refusal Skills
iii. Communication

IV. Putting it all together a. Life Skills (decision making, goal setting)
i.Your health risks